Entombment, Cremation or Burial Services

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What’s Involved in Planning for Entombment, Cremation or Burial Services

There may be families where the deceased loved one may have; already chosen and purchased a burial plot or mausoleum crypt, or have expressed wishes of cremation. If this is the case, documents proving ownership of burial rights are required when making the funeral arrangements.

If there is no such pre-plan in place, then you will need to choose a cemetery and select the burial property as part of the arrangements. Since the purchase of a cemetery property is not a commonly made transaction, we have provided you with information to assist with the process:

When you purchase a cemetery property, such as a burial plot or mausoleum crypt, you are buying the right to inter (or bury) an individual (or individuals) in that location. The property you now have the rights over remains the property (and the responsibility) of the cemetery administration.

A stated portion of the money you pay for these interment rights will be contributed to an irrevocable fund used in the on-going care of the cemetery grounds.

The burial, as well as any future commemorative visits you make to the location will be subject to the specific by-laws as written by the cemetery administration.

Just like when you buy a house, the cost of burial property rights range widely in price, depending on the exact location of the plot or crypt. There are also other costs involved with the burial of a loved one, such as the fees charged by the cemetery for the “opening and closing” of the site, the headstone or grave marker and its installation, and the purchase of a casket and burial vault.

Choosing a Casket or Urn

Here at Boca Raton Funeral Home, we offer a wide selection of caskets and burial vaults for you to choose from, and we work closely with all families to ensure the cost of your loved one’s service is kept within your family’s budget. The cost of the casket or urn is based largely on the type of casket selected.

Planning the Details of the Service

These details depend on various components including religious faith and/or emotional needs. With this said, Boca Raton Funeral Home will come to planning process with no limitations to guide you through your expectations and provide you with the service you expect.

Together we’ll determine the best date and time for the burial service, and the most meaningful readings and songs to be featured. We will also discuss who you would like to have lead the service; it could a member of the clergy, a celebrant, family member, or close friend.